Deepak Chopra: 2 – The Law of Giving and Receiving

Deepak Chopra: The Law of Giving and Receiving


Deepak Chopra: Law of Pure Potentiality

Part A

Deepak Chopra: Law of Pure Potentiality, part 1

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May 2012 Solar Eclipse – Where, When and How To VIew it

An annular solar eclipse will grace the western part of the United States May 20th

Jupiter Transit to Taurus in May 2012: What’s in Store this Jupiter Transit?

Stay in Tune…

Jupiter, the primary money planet, moves into Taurus on 17th May 2012. This is the beginning of a one year transit where Jupiter and Ketu together in Venus’ house, are bringing a rare millionaire’s yoga to the world. The power of this wealth yoga is tripled due to the exceptional gathering of the money planet with Ketu, Venus, Sun and Mercury in Taurus on the day of this transit. These great planets together will make wealth available to those who are alert.