Shake It Out!: How to Release Toxins From Your Womb!

This video is a brief introduction to womb yoga “my way”. It demonstrates how to remove toxins on all levels from our wombs. Music by “Horace Silver”

Yoga…Get Back On It

Yoga Mat – STIC.MAN

From the Very inspirational ‘The Workout’ Album by STIC.MAN

It’s Universal in all circles, it resonates in all cultures…
The Physical, the Spiritual, the Maintenance, the Ritual, the Meditation, PoWer ManTra, the Affirmation in the subConscious, the MASTERY of eMOTION ~ Like a Dolphin at One with the Ocean, Ride the waves & let ’em pass… Don’t Cling ~ Be Detached…The Yoga Mat on the Floor, It’s more than that…It’s a metaphor ~


(Source: penetrating-postures-the-science-of-yoga part I and part II)
Though it’s been around for thousands of years, Western science is just beginning to understand how yoga exerts its effects. The articles Penetrating Postures Parts I and II, have excellent information on some of the benefits of yoga. Continue reading