FULL MOON REMINDER…  Monday, June 4th, 7:12 am – EDST, is the FULL MOON exact day and time in JUNE!  Don’t miss this chance to view your life objectively.  During the three days around the Full Moon, you can see where you need to make changes in an important relationship.  Once aware of your interaction, how can you best adjust your approach so that you can reach your life goals?  It’s time for reevaluation.

Because this FULL MOON combines with a LUNAR ECLIPSE, there’s confusion in the atmosphere—a feeling of uncertainty about how the future is unfolding.  Therefore this Full Moon is even more potent than usual and you will feel pulled to live your life with a greater sense of spontaneity and adventure.

There is an opportunity for insight and progress inherent in the Full Moon.  People often react emotionally during the days of the Full Moon due to a feeling of helplessness.  They become aware of the distance between the way they want their life to be, and the way it currently is.  Often, when they see this gap, they become upset.

The reflection from your environment shows you ‘what is’ – and this may be in stark contrast to the way you would like things to be.  The empowerment is that once aware, you have the chance to change things successfully.

Because this FULL MOON occurs in the sign of SAGITTARIUS, the emotional energy stirred in the atmosphere is spontaneous and a bit careless.  There is a pressing urge for adventure and prompting to expand your horizons through a leap of faith.

You will be very aware of the limitations in your life that bind you through decisions based on logic.  You may feel a brash urge for freedom in your relationships.  Those you are interacting with may be perceiving situations in a way that leads them to think they are not getting their way, leading to over-dramatic outbursts of willfulness.  As is often the case with the days of the Full Moon, people get upset.

This is a powerful time (6/3-6/6) for reevaluating the new beginnings you made during the New Moon earlier this month.  Re-read your wish list and notice how where you are now is either closer to – or further away from – the dreams in your heart that you would like to manifest in your life.

Given that this Full Moon is in the sign of SAGITTARIUS – and you are more aware than usual of your own needs for freedom – what adjustments can you make in handling important relationships so that they become more supportive of you pursuing your dreams?

The Full Moon in SAGITTARIUS opposes the Sun in GEMINI, so it is likely that the arena of miscommunication will spark upsets.  It may be that what you said wasn’t accurately understood by the other person, or visa versa.  Your best bet is to slow things down, listen to the other person’s point of view, and give time for mental rapport to be established.

Times during this Full Moon when the emotional intensity will be at its strongest:

Sunday, 6/3 – all day and night, especially volatile 5:29 am – 8:32 am
Monday, 6/4 – all day and night
Tuesday, 6/5 – all day and night, especially volatile 1:08 am – 8:31 am
Wednesday, 6/6 – energy starts to calm

These times are in Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDST) and need to be converted to your local time zone.

SAGITTARIUS Full Moon Reminder: Jan Spiller


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