Mitchell Gibson MD ~ The Miracle Prayer

The Miracle Prayer is a 2800 year old prayer of unknown authorship. It consists of 42 words and is divided into seven lines. Each line can be seen as a DNA sequence that represent seven different types of energy. Each line, or sequence, contains six words that provide Divine Energy for helping us to overcome obstacles in our lives.
The Miracle Prayer may be used to protect the user and his or her loved ones from negative energy, to sustain them in time of need, to heal them in illness, and to comfort them in grief. By the combined powers of faith and applied concentration, Miracle Prayer practitioners have the ability to secure anything in life that is rightfully theirs.
To activate the power of The Miracle Prayer in order to help you with a particular problem or goal, you must listen to the prayer while concentrating with your eyes closed. While you listen to The Miracle Prayer, the Light of the Creator will connect the energy of your plea to certain Celestial Beings who are the true vehicle, or catalysts, by which particular energies are transferred from the Tree of Knowledge to the Tree of Life.

Mitchell Gibson MD


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